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Bid Request

Snow Removal Truck

Winter Road Maintenance Invitation:

Snow Plowing, Ice Control, Stockpiling and Applying Sand

2024-2025 / 2025-2026 / 2026-2027

The Town of Newburgh is seeking bids to supply services for winter maintenance, i.e., snowplowing, purchasing and stockpiling, applying sand and other ice control on our Town roads. Salt will be supplied by the Town. The initial term of this agreement will be for THREE winter seasons beginning on October 15th and ending on May 15th of each year. The three-year contract begins on October 15, 2024, and ends on May 15, 2027.


Please remit responses to:

Town of Newburgh

Winter Maintenance Bid - Attn: Cynthia Grant

2220 Western Ave Newburgh, Maine 04444


Bids returned NO LATER than Noon on Monday July 15th. Bids will be publicly opened and reviewed by the Newburgh Selectboard at 6:00 p.m. on July 15th.  The Bidders may be present at the bid opening, if so desired. The Selectboard will review the proposals and make a decision on which proposal to accept at a Selectboard meeting scheduled for July 17th, 2024, at 5p.m.

Proposal specifications may be obtained at the link below or the Town Office at 2220 Western Ave Newburgh, Maine 04444.


The Newburgh Selectboard reserves the right to accept or reject any an all Bids.

Click here for full contract details

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